User Group

The Smart-Net and Smart-RAS software solutions include an annual User Group charge to support development while also providing monitoring services to automatically report on your servers health. Security updates, patches and free feature updates to the Smart-Net and Smart-RAS software are included, plus a free upgrade path to each major release of the Smart-Net software.


The Smart-Net User Group and Smart-RAS User Group charge starts from the day of installation. Invoices for each User Group are sent in January of each year. Non payment of the User Group charge, three months after the invoices have been sent will indicate you no longer wish to maintain your User Group membership.

Belonging to the User Group is not compulsory; however we highly encourage membership as the User Group offers numerous benefits and additional services.

Should you not wish to belong to the User Group; your server will automatically be denied access to patches, security updates and Smart-Net feature updates. You will not be eligible for the free upgrade path to each major release of the Smart-Net software and all technical support will be charged at our commercial rates.

If you wish to reapply for the Smart-Net or Smart-RAS User Group memberships after a period of non-participation, all User Group charges since your last User Group payment will need to be paid.

All customers will continue to receive complimentary access to our on-line forums and website resources regardless of their User Group membership status.

Smart-Net Migration

When you are upgrading to a new version of Smart-Net, the cost of the software is free because it is covered under this User Group concept. However any hardware upgrades, and labour will be charged at our standard rates. The labour charge covers the time it takes to migrate your data to the new version of Smart-Net.

Migrating to a new version of Smart-Net requires your server to be sent to us and may also require hardware upgrades as well. For more information, please contact our Christchurch office to discuss your needs.

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