Fast Internet Connection to the School

A fast Internet connection like N4L Fibre is required for remote access to your Snart-RAS. Otherwise we highly recommend an ADSL2+ or a commercial Fibre internet connection.

Static IP address for your School Internet connection

A static IP address supplied by your Internet Provider is essential as it makes it possible to identify where your server is for remote access. If your Internet Provider cannot supply a static IP address for your internet connection, we can provide you an address via our Smart Static service at a minimal monthly fee. N4L provides each school with a static IP. 

User Experience when connecting remotely

A fast broadband connection at home is essential for a good user experience. The greater the speed of your home internet connection, the better the experience will be when you connect remotely to your Smart-RAS.

Smart-RAS Options

There are two options for running a Smart-RAS server in your environment.

Option 1: Dedicated Smart-RAS Server

We will supply Smart-RAS on a dedicated server offering terminal services to remote users. Our minimum specifications are a server with 16GB RAM, Intel Quad Core CPU and 2x 1TB SATA Hard Drives (mirrored).

Option 2: Virtualized Smart-RAS Server

This option reduces the total cost of server ownership and increases hardware utilisation on your existing Smart-Net server. A minimum of 16GB RAM and 200GB of available storage space are required on your Smart-Net server.

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