Server Co-Location

Co-Location is a smart solution for customers in remote locations or with unsuitable premises. It's also suited to situations where non-standard applications or client-specific processes are required. High-level of technical assistance is available on-site on a consultancy basis as needed.

With this service, a server that you provide is situated in our office and connected directly to our network. Your server is able to take full advantage of our bandwidth, without the need for an expensive leased line to your premises.

You still manage and maintain your equipment - and you control any content and security for your server from your own premises via an Internet connection.

Terms and conditions for server co-location are subject to a Service Level Agreement.

Setup Cost (per server) - $300.00 +GST

  • Installation and provision of Internet services
  • Setup of co-located server

Co-Location Monthly Plan - $225.00 +GST

  • One Live IP Address
  • UPS Battery Backup
  • 100Mbps Connection
  • Data Traffic Allowance (100GB per month)
  • Additional traffic is charged at $10.00 +GST per 500MB 

Our customers will also enjoy support with a 12 hour maximum response time from our technical support staff.