Linewize Managed Internet Access Services

Linewize Ltd provides a powerful and cost effective solution for organisations looking to gain visibility and control over Internet use on every device within their workplace.

Linewize services are provisioned from a locally installed Linewize Web Gateway appliance managed from a cloud based web service that provides these features:

User Authentication
• Secure user authentication for fixed and mobile devices.
• Full LDAP integration with existing directory services.
• OpenAuth Google Apps or Facebook account authentication.

Authentication options:
• Linewize hosted customisable captive portal page.
• Self hosted customisable captive portal page.
• Windows integration with WMI and Windows login script authentication.
• RADIUS server authentication.

User management options:
• Windows Active Directory integration.
• Smart-Net LDAP integration.
• Novell eDirectory integration.
• Linewize user and group management interface.

Internet Usage Reporting
• Full user and device browsing history.
• Network traffic upload/download transfer for device, user and websites.
• Network events for devices and users.
• Top websites by visits.
• Exportable PDF reports.

Web Content Filtering

Filtering criteria:
• User directory service group membership.
• Individual IP address. (e.g. individual fixed network equipment)
• IP address range. (e.g. wireless network range)
• Device hostname. (e.g. mail-server)

Traffic matching criteria:
• Content type. (e.g. executable file downloads)
• User agent. (e.g. iPads)
• Managed category grouped domain URL lists. (e.g. Social media)
• Custom website domain URL lists. (e.g. Company intranet address list)
• Time of day and day of week. (e.g. Outside business hours)

Selectable action on filter match:
• Block visits. (Using active blocking)
• Allow visits. (Request proceeds as normal)

Traffic filtering capability:
• Unencrypted HTTP traffic.
• HTTPS encrypted traffic via deep packet inspection.
• Proxy traffic transiting a caching proxy server.

Search engine capability:
• Redirect all search queries to single search engine.
• Enforce Google SafeSearch for all search queries.

Installation Options
• Appliance transparent bridge installation requires no network changes.
• Appliance edge-device router installation provides full firewall functionality.
• Linewize supplied appliance or ISO image install on existing server hardware or Virtual Machine (VM).