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Symantec Endpoint Protection

This guide provides an overview of requirements for the installation of Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) on Smart-Net servers and managing updates for the client workstations.  The guide has been prepared in consultation with the Ministry of Education and Symantec.

If you have not already registered for the Ministry Of Education's Symantec Endpoint Protection software, you should do this now. We will be unable to install Symantec Endpoint Protection software on your Smart-Net server if you have not registered. Visit the Symantec Antivirus Registration Page on the Datacom website to register.

Smart Computer Systems have tailored a Symantec Endpoint Protection solution for schools with Smart-Net Servers. This solution includes Smart Computer Systems remotely installing and configuring your Smart-Net Server with Symantec Endpoint Protection for a fee of $95.00 + GST. Additionally, if you already have Smart-RAS in your school, we will also install and configure the Symantec Live Update Administrator package on to the Smart-RAS for a combined fee of $150.00 + GST.

This installation includes:

  • Removal of any existing CA Antivirus products from your Smart-Net Server.
  • Set-up Symantec Endpoint Protection on to your Smart-Net Server.
  • A daily scan of your Smart-Net Server, with the report emailed to itcontact @ your school.
  • Creation of the Windows and Macintosh Symantec Endpoint Protection Client Installers onto the Smart-Net Server, ready for you to install on to your client workstations.

Installation of SEP Client onto Smart-Net Server

A Smart-Net server requires a separate installation of SEP specific for the Linux operating system to protect it from known threats and vulnerabilities.  The installation of the SEP client for Smart-Net will also allow the server to perform a nightly virus scan.

Smart Computer Systems Ltd offers this installation service remotely at a minimum charge for Smart-Net schools. The school will need to contact Smart Computer Systems Ltd to have Symantec Endpoint Protection installed on their Smart-Net Server.

Smart-Net Server Options for SEP Client Workstation Updates

Smart Computer Systems Ltd recommends the following three (3) options to allow Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) antivirus clients to obtain the latest virus signature updates from Symantec in a Smart-Net environment.

Option 1 - (Preferred implementation model using Smart-RAS technology and UFB)

In this scenario, Smart Computer Systems Ltd will remotely install the Smart-RAS technology on to your Smart-Net server.  The Smart-RAS will be your central virus signature repository.  This service will enable local unmanaged SEP clients to obtain the latest virus signatures locally from your Smart-Net server rather than each individual client obtaining updates from the Internet.  This is the optimal configuration recommended by Smart Computer Systems Ltd.  Please note some Smart-Net servers may require a hardware upgrade to support Smart-RAS. Please contact us for further information or read about Smart-RAS here.

Option 2 - (Recommended for smaller schools that do not have Smart-RAS technology installed on Smart-Net servers)

In this scenario, unmanaged SEP client workstations bypass the Smart-Net server for virus signature updates and collect them directly from the Internet.  This is a suitable solution for schools that do not have Smart-RAS functionality and have a limited number of workstations.

Option 3 - (Provides mid to large size deployments with an interim solution for schools planning to upgrade to Smart-RAS at a later date)

In this scenario, a local Windows PC is used as the central virus signature repository.  This solution is recommended as an interim measure before implementing the Smart-RAS technology described in Option 1.

If you have any questions regarding installing Symantec Endpoint Protection on local client workstations, please contact the MOE ICT Helpdesk on 0800 22 55 42 as they have been resourced and trained in the operation of Symantec Endpoint Protection.