Backup for Google Workspace

Why backup Google Workspace for Education?

The more you rely on Google Workspace for Education for your everyday activities, the more critical it is to find a solution to control and protect your Google Workspace for Education data. Google can only restore users/data up to 20 days after being deleted. 

What data is backed up?

My Drive, Shared Drives, Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.

What backup plans are available for Google Workspace for Education?

  Gold Plan  Platinum Plan
Base plan includes 500GB storage:  $30.00 +GST per month  $70.00 +GST per month
Additional 500GB storage blocks:  $25.00 +GST per month (each)  $25.00 +GST per month (each)
How long backups are stored:  365 Days  Unlimited
Backups are scheduled:  Once per day  Every 8 hours

How much storage is required?

Our Google Workspace for Education Backup plans are based on storage and data recovery requirements. An estimate of storage requirements will be given to you prior to the commencement of the Google Workspace for Education Backup service. 

Important: Your storage requirements and data retention will increase over time and additional 500GB storage blocks may be added ensure your Google Workspace for Education data is fully backed up.

Talk to us today to discuss your backup requirements on 0508 982 2233 or complete the form here to register for Backup for Google Worksapce for Education.