Backup for G Suite

Why backup G Suite?

The more you rely on G Suite for your everyday activities, the more critical it is to find a solution to control and protect your G Suite data. Google can only restore users/data up to 20 days after being deleted. Our service will allow customers to restore users/data up to 180 days ago.

What data is backed up?

Google Drive, Shared Drives (previously called Team Drives), Sites, Contacts, Calendars, and Gmail.

What will the G Suite backup service cost?
There is a one-off set up cost of $200 +GST and a minimum monthly cost of $30 +GST ongoing for 500GB storage. Extra storage costs $25 +GST per month for each additional 500GB required.

How much storage is required?

Our Backup for G Suite is based on storage requirements. An initial estimate of storage requirements will be given to you prior to the commencement of the G Suite Backup service, however, your storage requirements may be adjusted after the first backup. Most customers will use less than 500GB, but we can give a more accurate assessment after the initial backup has been completed.

Data retention will also increase your storage requirements over time, therefore, adjustments may be automatically made to ensure your G Suite data is fully backed up.

Talk to us today to discuss your backup requirements on 0508 982 2233 or complete the form here to register for Backup for G Suite.