Cloud Backup

Smart Cloud Backup (for Smart-Net Servers only)

Smart Cloud Backup is a fully automatic and secure online server backup for your organisation. Smart Cloud Backup transfers your important server information securely to Smart-HQ. Compression and delta technology are used to streamline backups, reducing the amount of data transferred over your internet connection.

  • We take a remote snapshot of your server data to seed the online backup service.
  • If your backup storage requirements go over your allocated plan for more than 1 month, your backup plan will be automatically upgraded to the next tier.
  • We assist you to work out the best plan for your data backup requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Completely automated hands-off backup solution with daily reporting.
  • Online backup can easily accommodate your growing data requirements.
  • Eliminate expenditure and maintenance for external backup drives, tapes and other backup equipment.
  • Effortlessly eliminates the leading causes of data loss: failure of physical media and human error.
  • We guarantee your data is stored within New Zealand.
  • Fully encrypted and secure file transfer.

Smart Cloud Backup Plans

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All pricing excludes GST unless otherwise specified. Please contact us for commercial pricing.

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