Smart Leasing

Leasing is more than economics. It reduces the total cost of ownership associated with operating the computer including hardware and software upgrades, relocation and technical support throughout its anticipated computer life.

Some computer owners try to give a machine a life of four to five years. However, while all computer systems have costs associated with them throughout their life, leasing can reduce total cost of ownership. We provide flexible options for lease of computer hardware that will last through a three-year term with a technology refresh at the end of the lease term.

The key benefits for leasing computer equipment are:

  • Leverage your existing budget to acquire the technology assets you need.
  • Create a disciplined approach to acquiring technology.
  • Systematically refresh your technology.
  • Effectively manage technology transitions.
  • Enforce and/or maintain standardization.
  • Establish technology lifecycles which match useful life spans for computer hardware.
  • Reduce disposal costs.

Our standard lease term is three years. At the end of the lease, the following options apply:

  • The equipment is returned and the lease agreement is terminated.
  • The equipment is returned, new equipment is supplied and a new lease agreement is entered into.
  • The equipment is valued at current market value and either purchased by the customer or re-leased for a one year term. At the end of this term, all three above options will apply again.

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