Chrome Education Licenses

A Chrome Education license allows your Chromebooks to be centrally managed via the Google Admin Console and with more control, security and customisation options.

The main features are:

  • Lock devices so only your school domain can log on (and disable guest mode).
  • Push apps and extensions that are going to enhance learning.
  • Enforce policies such as Google Safe Search, various YouTube settings and disallowing Incognito mode.
  • Allow kiosk apps on devices to create a secure environment.

Chrome licenses are able to be ordered at zero cost to the school and apply to:

  • School Chromebooks that don't already have a Chrome license.
  • Student BYOD Chromebooks that you may wish to manage while those devices are at school.
  • Purchases of any new Chromebooks.
You can submit multiple orders for the Chrome Education licenses to cover existing Chromebooks and again when you make new Chromebook purchases. For each order we will need to know how many eligible Chromebooks you require licenses for.

To enrol a Chromebook with a Chrome License, you will need to Powerwash each device. Details on how to do this can be found here or you can check out Chromebook Help

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