Wireless Deployments

Smart Computer Systems recommend an audit of your network infrastructure (cabled network hardware, wireless and internet connection) before embarking on your BYOD journey. We can undertake this audit remotely to ensure your network is able to cope with the increased demands of BYOD and more importantly, provide affordable enterprise solutions for your wireless network.

We are accredited educational resellers for both Ruckus Wireless and Ubiquiti UniFi Wireless and are driven to provide the best BYOD solutions for schools.

If you're looking to install or improve your wireless network, please contact us today to discuss your wireless and BYOD requirements.

Upgrading the firmware for Ruckus Wireless & Aerohive

If your school was part of the WSNUP Program, then your Ruckus or Aerohive Wireless System will be eligble for the latest upgrade. We are able to upgrade your wireless system for you and run an audit of your wireless system. New firmware often fixes bugs, contains new features, support for newer devices and protects you from security vulnerabilities.

Ruckus Wireless have announced the arrival of software Version 10.0.1.

Version 10 provides a higher performing and more reliable WiFi network, allowing both basic and complex networks to be easily managed. 

Key features of this release include

  • New user-friendly GUI

  • Increased controller capacity

  • Support for the latest technology including bonjour fencing

  • This particular release also features a WPA2 KRACK patch

A detailed explanation of the new features can be found by following this link