Smart Remote Access Server (Smart-RAS)

Smart-RAS allows you to access your school network from home, enabling you to run application software remotely and various School Administration packages.

Platforms supported for Remote Desktop connections to the Smart-RAS Server include Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Some of the roles that may be deployed with Smart-RAS are:

  • Automatically download and deploy Microsoft Updates for Windows computers and Microsoft Office applications.
  • Provide centralised printer management for networked printers and photocopiers. Smart-RAS also supports PaperCut printer accounting software.
  • Centralised distribution of antivirus updates for Symantec Endpoint Protection software.
  • Run Windows based web applications (e.g. Musac Web Opac).
  • Running Google Cloud Print for all of your Chrome devices to print from anywhere.

Installing Smart-RAS alongside a Smart-Net server provides increased security for remote access and remote management.