Smart Remote Access Server (Smart-RAS)

Smart-RAS allows you to access your school network from home, enabling you to run application software remotely, and various School Administration packages.

Computers capable of running a Remote Desktop Client can connect to the Smart-RAS server, giving those computers access to run Windows programs. Platforms supported for remote connection to the Smart-RAS include Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Some of the roles that may be deployed with Smart-RAS are:

  • Automatically download and deploy Microsoft Updates for Windows computers and Microsoft Office applications.
  • Provide centralised printer management for networked printers and photocopiers. Smart-RAS also supports PaperCut printer accounting software.
  • Centralised distribution of antivirus updates for Symantec Endpoint Protection software.
  • Run Windows based web applications (e.g. Musac Web Opac).
  • Running Google Cloud Print for all of your Chrome devices to print from anywhere.

Installing Smart-RAS alongside a Smart-Net server provides increased security for remote access, accessibility and remote management.