Pricing, User Group and Smart-RAS Upgrades

User Group Membership

Smart-RAS includes an annual User Group charge to cover ongoing maintenance and updates while also providing monitoring services to automatically report on your servers health. Smart-RAS User Group starts from the day of installation with invoices for annual User Group sent in January of each year.

Smart-RAS Requirements

We recommend the purchase of a minimum of 5 Per-Device CALS. This means upto 5 users can be logged into the Smart-RAS server concurrently using Remote Desktop. Additional licensing options are available under the Ministry of Education's - Microsoft School Agreement (refer to Datacom for Microsoft School Agreement pricing for RDS Per Device CALs).

Dedicated Smart-RAS Servers can be couriered direct to your school or one of our technicians can arrange an on-site visit to install it for you.

Virtual Smart-RAS Servers will be installed and configured remotely by Smart Computer Systems.

Internet Connection

  • A fast Internet connection is essential for a good user experience to your Smart-RAS.
  • We highly recommend an ADSL2+ or a Fibre internet connection when accessing your Smart-RAS Server remotely.
  • If you require offsite access to your Smart-RAS Server using Remote Desktop port 3389 (TCP) needs to be opened for inbound access to the school, however we recommend using a VPN solution to reduce the risk of your Smart-RAS Server being compromised. 

Minimum Hardware 

  • For a Virtual Smart-RAS Server - 4GB RAM and 150GB free disk space on your Smart-Net server.
  • For a Dedicated Smart-RAS Server - 16GB RAM and 500GB disk space (mirrored).

Software for Smart-RAS Servers

  • Smart-Net 2.1 Virtual Smart-RAS Servers can only support up to Windows 2008 R2.
  • Smart-Net 3.0 Virtual Smart-RAS Servers can only support up to Windows 2012 R2.
  • Smart-Net 3.1 Virtual Smart-RAS Servers currently supports up to Windows 2016
  • Dedicated Smart-RAS Servers will be installed with the most recent Windows Server operating system.

Smart-RAS Solution Pricing and User Group

Smart-RAS Server 
Dedicated Smart-RAS Server (includes server hardware) $POA +GST
Virtual Smart-RAS Server  $500.00 +GST
Smart-RAS Annual User Group $200.00 +GST