My email is not working - what should I do?

Common causes of email related problems are:

  • Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has a problem. (This happens more often that most people realize - and they rarely admit that they have a problem)
  • You have not paid your domain name renewal fee. Please note that domain name renewal is usually an annual requirement and is separate to your ISP account for internet access.
  • There is a “corrupt” email on your isp's server that cannot be downloaded. Use the webmail interface at your isp to clear any junk emails.
  • Send an email to an automatic reply should be returned to you within 15 minutes. (Depending on mail polling times etc)
  • Your modem may be locked up (If no-one can send or receive external emails or browse the internet then if you have a dialup modem, turn the modem router ONLY off for 30 seconds then back on.
  • Someone is sending or receiving a very large email or attachment which will slow or stop all other internet traffic.
  • If your ISP is Xtra, it's possible that Port 25 is blocked. This will need to be unblocked with Xtra and you require the primary ADSL username and password to do so.
  • It's possible that a mail account has been compromised and your ISP has blocked mail or the server is overloaded with emails and has stopped sending/receiving emails.

If you have any mail issues, please give us a call to troubleshoot and fix.

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