Midwinter 2017

  • We have available for a sharp price, Ex-Lease PC Desktop with monitor, PC Desktop only, Intel NUCs, Monitors, and Foam iPad covers.
  • Smart-Net 3.0 is a true 64bit platform. With significant improvements in hardware support, we now provide full support for USB 3.0 & SSD devices. Using the same hardware, Smart-Net 3.0 runs much faster than Smart-Net 2.1.
  • Many people realise way too late when they have no usable backup of their key files, no knowledge of the whereabouts of backups, no records of modifications made to critical files, just downtime.
  • We have our own leasing company that can give you 1-3 year leasing options for almost any product including Servers, Chromebooks, Laptops, Desktops, All-In-One's and more. Please call or email us to discuss your leasing requirements.
  • We offer a MDM solution to manage all of your iPad's and their ever expanding app options.
  • Considering changing your school over to Google to make use of GMail, Drive, TeamDrive and Calendars. We can help with this process and at the same time, setup a Google sync from your Smart-Net server to Google.
  • Is your server getting old? Have you pushed it to the end of its lifespan? Have you reached that stage where it’s time to do something about it? Join the crowd. You’re now at that decision point that so many other schools are finding themselves in.