What's a UPS Battery Backup?

And why you're taking a risk without one...

So there's a power outage in your school or the lights simply flicker for a moment. No big deal, right? Except your server hardware and files can be at risk if everything suddenly shuts down without properly and intentionally doing so.

An uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is a fairly inexpensive safeguard to protect your server from unexpected power loss or power surges. Even if the battery only lasts for a few minutes, it gives your server those precious moments to properly shut down and protect your data.

Smart Computer Systems recommend that you have a compatible UPS connected to your Smart-Net server at all times. We endorse and supply the following UPS's for use with Smart-Net:

HP T1500 G3 UPS

APC Back-UPS Pro 550VA

If you are considering other UPS options, please talk to us first to see if it's on our list of supported UPS's.

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