Registering for Network 4 Learning

The rollout of N4L’s fully-funded managed network is underway.

N4L’s managed network has been designed specifically for schools, providing safe, predictable and fast internet with uncapped data, online content filtering and network security services. Connections are designed to be flexible and responsive to the changing nature of how schools use the internet, ensuring it is no longer a troublesome, limited resource that affects teaching and learning in the classroom

To date, Smart Computer Systems have migrated 257 schools to the new Network for Learning fibre infrastructure. Make sure when you sign up with Network for Learning that you nominate "Smartcom" as your ICT provider to ensure a smooth and complete transition to Network for Learning.

Registering your interest is confirmation that you'd like to know more about getting connected to N4L's fully funded Managed Network and allows N4L to communicate with you from time to time regarding other services N4L offers.

Register your school

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