Smart-Net Network Booting with PXE

PXE (Pre eXecution Environment)

Affectionately pronounced Pixie (as in fairy dust), PXE booting is a method of having a computer boot using only its network card.

Why use PXE?

Have you ever needed to troubleshoot or diagnose a problematic computer or backup and restore images to a computer? 
In the event of hardware or software failure, a computer can be booted into the PXE environment to allow a technician to diagnose and perhaps fix the problem or to restore a good image to the machine.

Smart-Net now supports a PXE boot environment. This feature is disabled by default but can be easily enabled by logging in to your Smart-Net Intranet and navigating to Server Management / System Configuration / PXE Boot. 


Smart-Net's PXE menu provides several Diagnostic and Repair Tools for PC's as well as a Hard Drive cloning solution called Clonezilla. 

You can read more and download a comprehensive manual from our website on how to use Smart-Net's PXE boot environment.

Smart-Net PXE Boot Environment

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