December 2014

Seasons Greetings,

Our apologies to all. While we've been focussing on other parts of the business we've neglected one of our most useful tools to keep schools informed about Smart-Net and other related IT annoucements. 

Many things have changed over the past ten months since our last newsletter and as we head towards the end of the school year, this is an opportune time for us to let you know about some of our up and coming developments as well as new products and solutions we have available for schools.

Many of you may not know who we are... We are the company who developed the Smart-Net server product you use in your school which provides many features including a local Intranet, networking services, antivirus protection, remote access availability and backup solutions for your school data. While we can't escape occasional hardware failures, reliability of your server's operating system is very important to us. In fact, many school's may not even be aware they have a Smart-Net server in place as it operates silently in the background of their school network without issue. While this is great for our product, it means we don't always get the opportunity to let you know who we are. As well as being an IT firm with a great focus on computing in education, Smart Computer Systems also offer a wide range of consulting services covering all aspects of network installations (e.g. SNUP), wireless solutions including BYOD, Google Apps for Education, servers and cloud backup services. If you are investigating or in the process of changing your school's IT infrastructure, whether it be cabling, technical support or purchasing of computer equipment, we are happy to help and can support you with any of your IT needs.

In this newsletter we're covering BYOD solutions for schools, Online Backup, Google Apps for Education, Network booting and Server vs Cloud computing.

Please also remember to visit out Facebook group and register your interest to join.

We encourage you all to have a look at the solutions we have to offer, plus there's useful tips and tricks inside as well. Please have a read and do let us know if you have any questions about any items in this newsletter. As an incentive we're giving away prizes to the first 2 schools who send an email to with feedback on this month's newsletter.

Thank you for your support in 2014. We look forward to communicating with you again in 2015.

Best regards and have a safe Christmas,

Clinton Pasfield

General Manager
Smart Computer Systems Ltd

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